About the Runner


Hello, My name is Vanessa Mecanovic and I first embarked on this journey of running 5 years ago and it has been life changing. Like so many of you I became hooked after running my first official event. My first event was Run for the Kids followed quickly with my first half marathon. There was no stopping me now.

Fast forward 5 years and I am now running marathons and still kicking goals. As a runner in my 40's I believe I still have many PB's to chase. Running has not only become a social hub from running Parkruns to interstate runs, but it has also been a place i have met some wonderful people part of the running community i can now call my friends. The best thing about running was i could set goals and realized with hard work anything was achievable. Although I have learnt so much about myself and my ability to succeed through running I have learnt the most from my friends and the running community I have met through this journey. 

I hope with all of my experience and passion in running I can introduce you to some of the great running products out there and help keep you motivated.