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Hello, my name is Natalie Moore and I am the founder and owner of Running Fit Box. I have been running seriously for the past 10 years. I first took it up as an opportunity to have a hobby and be fit and healthy. My drive and passion for running really escalated when I decided to embark on my first marathon in 2014, which was the Melbourne Marathon. The training for such an event was so foreign to me but I decided to take it on anyway. It was a challenge I had never experienced before.

Even though following the marathon I vowed never to do another one, I loved it, every minute of it. The training was hard and the run was hard but the elation that followed the soreness was nothing I had felt. And the sense of achievement was so powerful. Fast forward to 2016, where I have just completed my third marathon in Sydney. And I tell you the drive and passion for it is as strong as ever.

What is so great about running, is that you can push yourself as much as you want to. Learning to run may be your goal, doing a small event may be or taking on a marathon might be the ultimate challenge for you. You can put as much passion and drive as you want behind it. Your ability comes down to your own mind and body.Running for me is more than just a hobby. It is a lifestyle choice. It gives me the opportunity to challenge my mind, body and soul and push my body to limits I didn’t know was even possible.

Since becoming a mother, I have loved having running as part of my life more than I ever have. It has given me a different perspective to my life. It encourages me to teach my daughter the importance of setting goals and achieving what she would think of as only impossible. Running gives me a different existence outside of motherhood and it helps me be a better mother, wife and person. It is a great lifestyle choice and one which has empowered me to create Running Fit Box. I want to encourage and motivate others to take on this lifestyle choice.