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Are you new to running?

Or would you love to start?

Do you want to be part of a community for motivation and support?

It can be daunting and intimidating to start a new sport or activity. You can sometimes feel you don't belong.

Running especially can be a bit intimidating - I get it I was there too once. 

But it was the support and motivation of others that really helped me take my running to a new level and believe that I was a runner. 

The Running Fit Hub is your opportunity to start you running on the right foot - pardon the pun! 

I know what its like to want to be good at running and how great it is for your confidence when you start. 

About the Hub

The Running Fit Hub is an opportunity to be part of a community environment where like minded people can feel included, safe and comfortable to run. 

 Its about living a life of challenge, fulfilment and adventure. 

The Running Fit Hub is

 - about connecting with your mind and body through running. 

 - about pushing beyond your limits or what you thought was impossible. 

 - empowering and motivating those around you. 

 And most importantly its about having fun with your family and old and new friends.

Its Running Fit for Life. 

For $50 per year you will get access to discounts, tips and advise, exclusive offers and content, expert knowledge and community of like minded runners who will motivate and inspire each other and their families. 

Running Fit Hub Community